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My name is Konstantina Petridi – Apostolopoulou and I can give you advice and guidance on a low carb diet (ketogenic or not). I learn about low carb diet since 2015 and I am the owner of the first facebook group in Greece. Since 2015 I am trying to spread the low carb way of life in Greece. I discovered it in October 2014 when I was looking how I could overcome cancer for the 3rd time and it really changed my life to the point that I decided to leave my previous job (I was a lawyer) and start studying as a nutrition consultant to be able to help others. Since then I live my life normally as if nothing ever happened and I feel sure that this diet is the best I can do to have health and longevity.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I am neither a doctor nor a nutritionist , I do not give nutrition programs, only meal ideas with general food quantities and instructions / tips that help you try a low carb diet safely. You can find all my certifications here (I have also two more in general nutrition from Greek Certified Training Institutes but I only show the ones that prove my training in low carb diets).

If you wish to receive advice and guidance on how to safely do a low carb or keto diet based on your own needs and food preferences or other specifics, you can view the available service packages below and contact me either via facebook  on my page  or by sending mail to mybigfatketolife@gmail.com or by completing the form at the bottom of this page.


  1. Macros Calculation and basic information to start – € 20: includes calculating your macros (macros = macronutrients, percentage and grams of protein / fat / carbohydrate you should consume per day) plus all the basic information you need to know in order to safely start a low carb or keto diet. Macros are calculated based on height, weight, date of birth, activity level and your goals. You will also get an indicative daily menu plan, along with various information and guidelines for foods and quantities you need to know to get started.
  2. Simple two weeks package – 60: You will receive two files, one with meal ideas with quantities that fit your macros along with a lot of info and guidelines on how to implement the diet correctly and one that you have to fill in every day with what you ate and send it to me via e-mail each week, so that we can be sure you are not doing anything wrong. You will have full access to me via e-mail or facebook messenger for any question you might have in those two weeks.
  3. Simple monthly package – 100 [RECOMMENDED]: The same as above, only it is for four weeks, and in my experience, 4 weeks is the best time frame to ensure you have learned all you need to know in order to be able to safely continue the diet on your own.

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